Sharon Hartle's Distance Learning Wiki


This wiki has been created to provide you with the chance to do various things:

1) You can do exercises and activities to improve your English;
2) You can comment on the activities you have done;
3) You can use the search menu to look for specific language points such as phrasal verbs;
4) You can read what other people in your class think and share your ideas (in English).
5) You can read tips about where to go for activities and how to use them. There is a lot on the Internet and sometimes we need a guide to find our way;
6) You can start from your class page on my students' blog to find links to useful activities that have been specifically designed for you.

Getting Started:

First of all you need to choose your level and then click on the link to the appropriate page. If you are B1, for example, click on the B1 link below and you will see your page.
If you don't know your level first go to
What's my level?
If you need more help with planning your studies go to
Needs Analysis
Then you can access the activities provided and you can also edit the page by clicking on the 'edit' button at the top of the page:





Cambridge Advanced English Preparation

Bolzano University Summer Intensive Course
Motivate yourself


There is also skills work such as working with images etc.
or reading and listening. You can browse the pages (in the menu on the left) and see what interests you the most.