Digital Storytelling


Before you start the work on this page look at the exercises on the B1 Narrative Writing page:

Look at theLongman Activator dictionary to find out how to use specific meanings of the base word BROKEN

Then do the gapfiller below:

Now look at this file to look at organising ideas in narratives:

Storytelling Prezi: getting started

Student Stories with my comments:

Storytelling Project

This is a fun way of collaborating in a story. Look at the voicethread below and then go to the site. Register if you haven't already done so. You simply need an email address for this and then you can add your ideas, telling the next step in the story. You can do this by writing or by speaking. So, let's see what happens:
1. Look at the background and situation. Think of ideas you can add and be careful with the tenses you use
2. Think about the characters: what did they do before the story started? Why? What will they do next? Who with? Why? etc. and be careful with the narrative tenses here too.

See how much fun elearning can be!

If you like the idea of making a cartoon strip like this, go to the site of Dvolver, make a story and then post your link in the discussion thread, above, so that we can all enjoy your story.

Interactive Dictation Lesson
You will hear sections of the story: The Unicorn. Watch the video and pause it after each instruction. Then you can post your comment.

Getting Ready for Iatefl