What's my level?

If you don't know what your level is you can do a test to find out. This type of text will tell you if you are:

A1 (beginner)
A2 (elementary)
B1 (intermediate)
B2 (upper intermediate)
C1 (advanced)
C2 (advanced +)

Placement tests you can buy

The Oxford online placement test is a good place to do for this. You can do a test which concentrates on your:
Use of English
Listening skills
You will be given a score for both parts of the test and told your overall level at the end. These tests only cost about E3 each so they are well worth the money:
Another site is the CLA prototype page where you can see what the language centre computer test looks like and get an idea of the type of exercises, timing etc. but this is designed to show you the structure of the test NOT to provide practice..

Free Online Placement tests

1) english.com
2) Cambridgeenglish
3) Oxford free placement test
4) Michigan English Language Teaching

Check the level of your writing


Write and Improve
This is a site that has been developed by Cambridge English to help you improve your written English. You can upload your own texts and be given a grade and suggestions as to how you can improve. :-) (Do not be put off though if the site rates your language as being lower than you think it should be)
Write and Improve

Online Correction
This is similar but it limits itself to correcting errors. You can choose the "English" you are writing in, however.

Useful links to help you in your study of English

What's next?

Once you know your level you can go to the starting page for that leve. If you are B1, for instance, go to B1, and you can work through the activities. If you know you want to work on
something specific, you can choose to do certain sorts of activity, like videos with discussions, or exam practice. Just navigate the menu bar on the left of this page to find the work you
are most interested in.

If you need more help

You can do the needs analysis to find the best way for you personally to study.
Follow this link:
Needs Analysis