Summer Page

This is a new page with fun activities to do in English during the summer

Tutorial to get you started:

ACTIVITY ONE: Photos and feelings

1) Choose a photo that shows the way you feel right now and post it here;

2) Write a couple of sentences below to explain why

Here is an example for you:

This is the way I'm feeling right now because I've been having a few technological problems this morning.
Hope things get better soon! (Sharon


Summer 2010: Journeys we have been on

Summer is a time when a lot of us go away somewhere often to rest and recharge our batteries. I thought it would be nice to present these "journeys" to other people so I made a prezi about my journey to Albania. Other people have then done the same about their journeys.
Using Prezi:
To use Prezi (An online presentation site):
1) go to and open a free account;
2) watch the tutorial to learn how to use it (It is very simple but gives sophisticated results;
3) now make your own prezi about your summer holiday.
4) You can embed it below if you are a member of the site or you can send it me by email and I will embed it for you.

Prezi 1
Sharon's Pause For Reflection in Albania:

Prezi 2
Roberta's Slice of Heaven in the Mountains:

A Glog dedicated to summer 2010:

The story lies in how you tell it: