Study Resources

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Are you looking for somewhere to practise a specific skill? Well, it's time to go fishing :-)

1) Reading


Newspapers and Magazines: (go to “text interviews”: how to express opinions) ( how to develop opinions)


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Tasks for self-study:

These are some of the basic things to do with these tools:

Before you listen
With all of them begin by looking at the title and predicting the content/ the vocabulary.

While you listen
Summarising is always a useful thing to do as well.
1. Podcasts: listen for attitude/opinion of speaker: e.g. bbc podcasts, mikesradioworld; (see below)
2. Reviews: identify main speakers; what they like/don’t like , e.g. ,
3. Interviews: identify main areas discussed and take notes, e.g. au/rn/podcast (see below)

After you have listened
Choose 5 words or expressions that you noticed and write your own examples with them.

Radio news and listening sites: video interviews (C1) ( Different levels) radio news from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S. (Different levels) (C1+) “best films of all times”: trailers, podcasts Australia: forums, debates, talks, documentaries; etc. ( C1 /C2) B1 and lower (Different levels) (C1) Different levels A2 B1 and lower B2 beginners to advanced

Reading/ Listening/Viewing:


Use these sites to find out about different topics and to develop your knowledge: “Stonehenge “ ; shortcut to PBS podcasts for listening

For self-study: lexis and grammar

Silvano's_Easter_puzzle.jpg quizzes, vocab exercises, tips for essay writing grammar and exercises pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary exercises with lists of free webpages quizzes with list of useful sites grammar topics, tests, quizzes beginners to intermediate (complete online course) beginners to advanced with list of useful sites grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation with list of useful sites grammar lessons, idioms, phrasal verbs, vocab exercises grammar exercises at various levels punctuation elementary to advanced articles punctuation and spelling intermediate to upper-intermediate vocab building

Grammar and writing:

j0303469.gif (to prepare for university study)

Dictionaries and Reference

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Frequency lists
(for you to find out how frequent a word is):

Great Presentations videos on various topics; great speakers

Useful phrases for telephone conversations

International certificate preparation go to ”exam preparation“ ESOL Free Preparation material for FCE Free Preparation material for CAE Free Preparation material for CPE

Crosswords and word games

Magazines: fashion/gossip

Finding a conversation partner


Useful hyperlinks for Academic Writing


Research for essays

Online podcasts or lectures

Databases and journals