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We all feel motivated at the start of a course, but as time goes by life often tends to get in the way. We don't often have too much time in class to talk about motivation but here is a series of 6 podcasts that I have made for you to listen to. You can post your ideas, after you've listened to them, on the discussion page above.

Podcast 1
Podcast 2
Podcast 3
Podcast 4
Podcast 5
Podcast 6

Motivate yourself and Others by Discussing Strategies that Work

We all learn in different ways and it is useful sometimes to stop and think what works well for you.
This type of insight can help you to apply a straegy intentionally and can be useful for others who had not thought of it. Use the "Strategies Discussion" (Top of this page: click on "Discussion" and then go to the "Learning Strategies" thread) to write about what works for you and your experiences.

More Podcasts with questions for you to think about:

A Positive Learning Experience? (mp3)

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