Working with Images

Images give us a good starting point as "a picture is worth a thousand words". This is why they are often used in exams. In the FCE/B2 level exams candidates are asked to compare two pictures and then questions that are related to the theme in the pictures are asked. You should be able to use language for comparisons and for speculation. (compaqratives, modal forms, expressing ideas and opinions)

A good place to start is:

Tag Galaxy

This is a site that enables you to find images related to different themes from Flickr. You should:
1. Go to the home page and add a general tag like "food and drink"
2. Add other tags like "studio" (not too many of these)
3. Click on the central globe and move itround until you find an image you like.
4. Click on that image to see it.

Another very Useful site
Another very useful site with activities for describing pictures is "Splendid Speaking". Try it out.

Discussions around media: Voicethread

Voicethread is a site that enables you to post images, videos slides etc. and then comment on them by speaking or by typing. All you have to do is join the site.
1. go to the site;
2. Sign up;
3. Come back to this page and comment on the thread. (You can also find it directly on the Voicethread site if you search for "hartle" or "describing a home")
Then you can comment directly on any voicethread you are interested in. You might like to comment on this video for instance (you can see more voicethreads on the digital storytelling page or on the HARROGATE IATEFL 2010 page):