Describing family, relationships and homes

Can you think of any expressions, proverbs or sayings in your language connected to family and relationships?
Go to the fun and games page and do the ordering activity about sayings and expressions.

A House I've stayed in

Now watch this video and answer these questions:
Whose house was this and where is it?
Why did I stay there?
What did I like best about it?
Would you like to stay in this house? Why or why not?

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Your comments... and my replies:
Here are some of the comments and questions from the voicethread. I have made some changes to the language. Can you see what I have changed and why?
There are then some replies from me and a link to a previous voicethread that I made about Berlin with photos and my reflections:

Original Berlin Voicethread
If you would like to see another video of someone doing this task follow this link:

Our Exciting Story: The Getaway... in a cinema near you:

Another exciting activity
Choose a "famous person" who may be real or fictional. Then use this template to create a "fake facebook" page for him/her. Then you can save it and post a link on the discussion so that we can all admire your handiwork.