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The Berlusconi Show

As I know how much you like to discuss Berlusca, I thought you might be interested in these links to articles in the British press, provided by the BBC, there is also a programme called The Berlusconi Show which went out at Midnight on Tuesday on the BBC where a journalist analyses the "Berlusconi phenomenon"

Death By Powerpoint

Whether you use Powerpoint for work or in education it may be effective but at times it is not:

A fun look at Powerpoint Misuse

Look at this video and make a list of common problems that people have when using Powerpoint

An example of effective Powerpoint use in a Pecha Kucha

Watch this video and note down three things that you see as being particularly effective

Digital Presentations

Now take a look at the Web 2.0 way of presenting. This is an example of a Prezi. You could try making your own and posting them here to share with the other people in the class:

C2LM Presentations 2010

It seems a shame not to put these fantastic presentations somewhere where we can all see them again, especially after all the thought and hard work that you have put into making them, so here are spme of the Powerpoint Presentations you made, and they are definitely examples of how Powerpoint should be used! external image 000203FB.gif

by Daniela Cavedon

By Veronica Borgo

By Valentino Kostner
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Here's another one related to holidays:

C1 Revision Quizzes May 2010

Giulia & Francesca
Genny & Giacomo

marta e maria

Angela Chiara Ilaria

The game of the death - by Seba and Julie

MIllionairejefes (jegy-fede-ste)

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Question Form quiz


C1 Revisions Quiz 2011


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