Lesson One
Look at the image above (made on Wordle)

It s made from the first part of a story called Conversion by Dominic Stewart
Look at the image and decide what you think the story is about.

Vocabulary work

Do this matching exercise to work on some of the lexis in the Wordle. Are these items generally positive or perhaps more negative?

Discuss your ideas in English with a partner.
Now listen to the first part of the story to check whether you were right or not.
Follow this link

Lesson Two
Look at the file below where you will find a summary of the story you have read so far. Follow the instructions in the document working with a partner:

Straightforward Rabbit Awards 2010


Follow the link to the page above, to see the highlights of this everning's prizegiving ceremony!

Global Warming

Look at the activities in the PDF file (uploaded from the Macmillanglobal site before you start:

Here are the teachers' notes with the answers:

Watch this video and do the exercises in the lesson plan:

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