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This is a page for you to put in your work and to read each others:

Look at this video before you start to see how to use the elearning site.

To start the ball rolling we have Fausta's incredibly poetic account of her visit to Tonale.(Comments on the discussion page please:

Dewey Lesson

Here is the original text from the Dewey book by Vicki Myron "Dewey the small town library cat who Touched the world.

Here is the lovely text produced by the Tuesday group:

A little homework for you

Can you think of any "ordinary people" who stand out from the crowd because of the extraordinary way they work or simply live their lives. Add your ideas to the discussion.

Continuing the theme:

Look at this exercise:

Look at this video:

We noticed the use of the Present Perfect in the simple and continuous aspects
in this text and here is another exercise to do on this subject:

And finally another video for you giving advice on how to "spice up your relationship" with your cat, if you need to that is!

How To Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship With Your Cat

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