Harrogate IATEFL 2010

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Welcome to the Harrogate blended learning presentation. The file below is a voicethread, which is an exciting platform for asynchronous discussion. If you would like to add your comments simply register on the Voicethread site, all you need is an email address and a password and then you can come back here, comment on the slides either by microphone or by text.

Breathing Life into E-learning.

This wiki page is dedicated to the Harrogate IATEFL Conference. Firstly, I'd like to say that I hope to learn as well as share my experiences and ideas, and so I am setting up this wiki which contains a "page" and a "discussion" section. You will see these if you scroll to the top of the page. You can toggle between the two and add your comments and ideas in discussion threads.

Introductory video on using the site
1. Watch this little video for a quick introduction on how to use the wiki.
2. Read through the information on this page and then choose one or two other pages you are interested in

Full 30 min video of presentation

If you missed the full presentation video and would like to see it, you can click on the link below. I have put it on YouTube in four instalments

Purpose of this page

If you were already in Harrogate you will already have seen some examples of the work my students have been doing in blended learning courses, but it gives you a much better idea if you follow links on the site, and, at the click of a mouse can see the activities for yourself. Videos come to life and hot potatoes quizzes are that much more interactive. So just to give you a taste I decided to put a few links here for you to explore. Of course, you can look at whatever you want to on this site. Unfortunately you cannot access the university e-learning space as that is limited to those enrolled at the university of Verona. In any case, have fun, and feel free to use anything you like with your learners too .

General English work, divided by Level

Look at the navigation bar in the left to see the different pages. Start, for example at C1 GENERAL and then follow the other links on the navigation bar or directly from inside the pages. Remember that you can toggle between the "pagina" or "page" view and the "discussion" view. On the first page you can see some of the work we were doing in 2008 when we set this up. This was before we had a Moodle space on the university e-learning site.

Integrating tools

This is an excellent space for integrating tools like Hot Potatoes Quizzes, mp3 files, videos, podcasts,slideshows, Wordles etc. Follow this link to see a recent integrated skills lesson based on a story "Conversion" written by Dominic Stewart from his book: "Crossing the Cultural Divide". I won't tell you any more in case you want to try it out.

Adapting the course book
This lesson was inspired by Headway Intermediate which has inspiring work on the way in which winning the lottery can change your life for the worse. This is the work we did in online, and in class we read the article from the coursebook and did the maze provided by Headway.

Dvolver is an excellent tool for making quick simple animations: useful for storytelling among a host of other things.

Working on specific skills
Skills work is often integrated into other work being done. In the lesson above, for instance, on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" dictionary skills were a key aspect. Other times a whole area can be explored in different ways. The work on "Working with film reviews" was designed to lead into writing film reviews as this is an exam question for many learners.

We don't have much time to work on motivation in class so here is a series of 6 podcasts plus discussion space for students to use. Actually most of the students use a different discussion space on Moodle, so nobody has posted anything on this page yet.

There are, lots of other things, but I don't want to overload this page, so please feel free to browse and use any materials you think would be useful for your learners. I would love to hear your comments so let me know what you're doing on the discussion.

Bye for now

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