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If you have enjoyed your blended learning course please add your comments on this page. This will help me to keep improving the quality of the work we do. (Choose a different colour from the person who has written before you) Think about:
a) the things you enjoyed doing in your course (both face to face and online)
b) the things you wished you'd done but didn't (maybe because you didn't have time)
c) the things you would like to see more of:
I look forward to reading your ideas.

I enjoyed the fact that we spoke about many topics, for example connected with all the different fields of specialisation. That's what I enjoyed the most. I wish I'd been able to attend more classes but I couldn't. I'd maybe like to see more compulsory homework because I need the stick rather than the carrot! (Valentina)

Hello! I like the idea of inclass and outclass learning combined (i refer to Wiki of course) because i found lots of useful links here. Let's say I want to practice phrasal verbs and here you go, you got a link here, so you don't have to google it and go through all the links to choose a good one, it it already done for you and it saves my time.Then i found it useful to see here the materials we did in class cause you can go through it once again in case you missed smth in class or if you didn't have the oppotrtunity to come to the class. what concerns my suggestions i would like to see here more materials or exercises to practice for the exam. (Elena)

Hi! I really enjoyed my blended learning course. It is the first time I try this type of explanation and I think it is great both for students and teachers to interact with one another and have the possibility to see what they miss if they can't attend each class (often they have overlapping with other courses).
We spoke about several topics which is superb. We learnt some new vocabulary: it is always lovely in order to master better the language we are studying.
I would like to do more speaking with the teacher, who is competent and can give you the right pronunciation of the words.
Furthermore, I would like to do more specific grammar rules in order to have a good grasp of the language. I think that at C1 level one should not simply know elementary rules _ maybe it is because I like grammar! =)
As Elena said, it would be nice to put on the Wiki more exercises.
Anyway, as the teacher always keeps saying… “ we have to practise the language and use it as much as is possible! ”. -Alessia-

Hi!I enjoyed a lot my blended learning course!It's very useful especially because, as Alessia said, often we have overlapping with other courses and it isn't always possible to come to the class. Furthermore there are a lot of useful advices and suggestions of what we have to do to improve our english. In class we learned new vocabulary and I liked very much the atmosphere that the teacher was able to create with students. I think that If you enjoy to go to the class, you also learn things faster and better!!. -Giulia X.-

I really like this method of learning... I attended the C1 course with Mrs Hartle last year and loved it so much that, this year, she was my first choice when I had to choose which C2 course to attend. I like the fact that, in this course, there is a right balance between the grammatical and communicative aspects of learning a language and, most of all, the relaxed atmosphere that the teacher creates in class. Another thing I really like is how the correction of mistakes is handled.
I wish I had more time to use all the wonderful devices Mrs Hartles suggests us (such as the TED site, WizIQ etc.). By the way, that's another thing I like about this course: the fact that the teacher tries to give us a lot of input to use language in different forms and the attention to technology in general... only the wikispaces site in itself is fantastic!
As for what I'd like to see more, I'd love to have the chance to practice my oral skills even more :) <Giulia_S>

I had never tried a blended learning course before.
At the beginning it wasn't easy for me to get used to study and do the exercises on the web site, but later I realised that it's extremely useful to look at the exercises we did in class. I live in Mantova and I commute every day to Verona, sometimes it's hard for me to attend the lessons, and the web site helped me a lot because I could see what you did in class.
I liked the exercises about connectors very much, it was an amusing, effective way to learn them and, of course, to learn how to use them!
During the course we had the opportunity to practice our oral skills and that was extremely important for me!
I'd have loved to have more opportunities to write texts and stories, it was a pity that I didn't have time enough to do that because writing is something I love, especially in English, it makes me feel so good!
I hope that other teachers will understand the importance of a web site to share information and exercises!!

i enjoyed very much the wiki website as i've never seen anything like that before and i also enjoyed to learn how to use prezi, now i find it very funny! what I liked about the face-to-face lessons was the fact that we had the oppurtunity to speak a lot and i found the different topics very interesting. I liked the language points that Miss Hartle made everytime we spoke or wrote someting, it was very useful because we can learn from our mistakes. about the things that i would like to see more, i'd like to write more tests because I'm such a fail in that :D (Valeria)

I think our blended learning course was extremely interesting. First of all, because it captivated my attention. It was not like those boring, never-ending classes we had at high school, based just on grammar. We were supposed to interact on this wiki, participate voluntarily, post new discussions and revise (in a very natural and spontaneous way) what we had learnt. I would like to add and underline that even though the course might have seemed to focus on few, precise things and topics, rather than on a vast and big program, I was able to learn immediately and understand straight away. I never had to study hours and hours at home to memorize what we had done in class, and I think it is something really, really important and effective. I remember going to different courses in the past years, where I used to write on my notebook lists of new words that I ended up leaving there and never study.
Secondly, I am quite interested myself in teaching english, and this innovative, creative course gave me some brilliant ideas.

Hello! this blended learning course was really interesting! I followed the first term without problems but I found difficult to come at lessons in the second term because of other courses. So I used very often the wiki to see all what you did at lessons and I think it is a very useful tool, not only because there are a lot of activity and vocabulary but also because prof. Hartle suggests us many advices to improve our English. I wished to interact and write more in the"discussion area" which should be use also as a "blog" for students to explain their language problems or to pose questions. There is one thing that I'd like to suggest: at Verona there are a lot of Erasmus students who wish to learn Italian and I think it would be interesting to invite them to take part to our lessons (not all), because we can learn a lot from them! I propose this because I've known an english girl with TANDEM CLA and I've learned a lot about her culture and England in general :) (Sara)

Hi! There's not really much left to add to what everyone else has already wrote, since I really enjoyed integrating our normal classes with the e-learning page of this course too. I think it was an extremely useful tool, that's able to turn learning languages into more fun and interaction. It also gave me the opportunity to practice a lot and catch up with the classes I couldn't attend. The whole course was great, we did a lot of different activities in groups, dealt with many topics and had the chance to discuss them in class too (even debate sometimes). Mrs. Hartle also let us find out about some really cool internet websites, that I'll definitely continue to use in the future. So, in the end, I can say that I really enjoyed this course and I'd like all language classes to be like this one. Michela

Hi! What I really like of our classes is the use of original websites, such as prezi and the online snappy word dictionary.

This way of learning was nice and effective at the same time, as we learnt English in a creative way!

Another thing I found very useful was the use of Wiki. On the one hand students who could not come every time to the class could however

download the material and do the exercises at home. On the other hand I found the discussions very interesting. Another original

way to use and improve our English!

I thing these new involving methods of teaching languages help to increase the students' motivation!! :-)