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Focus on Listening and Reading

What is in the exam? Can you remember? Look at the front of your coursebook to see what the four different parts of the listening and the reading tests are.

Now do the reading exercise on pp. 10/11 of your book. This is an example of multiple matching (Part 4 of the exam)

Reading and Language Learning

Think about these questions related to reading in general:
What is the difference between intensive and extensive reading?
When do we use them?
How are they tested in the CAE exam?

There is some evidence that reading can help your language skills. What do you think happens when you read?
Watch the video on the page below to find an explanation:

Time is money
This is a common expression in the Anglo Saxon world. Can you think of any more expressions related to money in English or in your language?

Now look at the work on pp 16 - 17 in your book.

An Extra Activity related to Music

Our theme now is music, so to get the ball rolling:
1. brainstorm as many musical instruments as you can:
2. watch these three short videos and consider these questions:
a) which one do you like the best?
b) which one doesn't appeal to you?
c) which one would be most commercially viable?
d) what does it take to be successful in the world of music?

Writing Practice:

Write the letter on p. 15 ex. 7 (If you were not at the lesson on Monday 29th March look at the work on p.14 before you try to do this:

Then send it to me by email.
Here is a sample answer that I wrote but only look at this after you have written your own!

Student examples with my comments:

CAE Page 4