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The work here is designed to help those who already have a high level of English but need to prepare for the exam. You will find resources for general study and for exam practice as well as documents and activities to do in class and at home.

Getting Started:

1. Go to the discussion page for your level
2. Then answer the questions or write a text to introduce yourself.
Read some of the other texts in the thread and comment so that you start to get to know the other students.
3. Read the information below to familiarise yourself with your site.

What is the C1 level according to the CEFR?
Look at this test to see if you can complete the official European descriptors:

Resources for your to use:

1. Discussion Forum

If you like social networks like Facebook, you might like to use the forum on this page to interact in English with other people on the course. (Look at the top of the page where you can toggle between "page" view and "discussion" view. You can add your own discussions or speak to other people. This is not a space to do formal work but a place for you to use your English to communicate with your classmates.

2. Dictionaries

A good monolingual dictionary is invaluable for advanced learners and can help you particularly when doing exercises or writing. (For reading it is probably best not to be too reliant on the dictionary though as it is important to develop reading skills such as recognising vocabulary in context etc.)
Longman, Cambridge, Macmillan and Oxford all produce excellent dictionaries. I personally recommend the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE) because of its CD Rom. If you do not have access to a dictionary you can also work with the online versions, although they are not as complete.The Cambridge site also provides useful extras such as this fun resource to work on revising common phrasal verbs.

3. Exam Resources

There is a lot of exam practice available online and one of the best sites I have found, that provides some free practice, is the Longman Pearson itests site that you can easily register for. Of course, the official Cambridgeesol site also provides information and resources to practice as well.
This is link to another wiki designed by a colleague of mine in Verona for his students who are preparing for the TOEFL exam.

CAE Set Texts 2010/2011
There will be 2 questions that you can choose to answer on the composition paper that relate to set texts. This means that you can read these novels and then will have the chance to write about one of them too, if you want to. The texts for 2010 are:
John Steinbeck: Of Mice and Men
Donna Leon: Through a Glass, Darkly
Follow this link for more information and an audio file:

Sample Question

Look at this sample question for practice and then compare with the model answer below:

Write a review of the book you have read explaining what interested you in particular about the writer.

Sample Answer:

Student Answers with comments

Set Books for 2012/ December 2014
Set texts for Cambridge English: Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) January 2012 until December 2014:
  1. William Golding: Lord of the Flies (book or film version)
    P.D. James: The Lighthouse
    (There is currently no film version of this book.)

4. Activities

1. An adventure in learning: do the activity and then discuss one or two strategies that you intend to adopt. (Write your ideas in a discussion if you want to)

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