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Here is a little quiz to see how much you know about the Use of English paper.
Answer true or false for each question:

Do this little quiz before you start his week's work:

Imagine how life would be different if you couldn't read. Make a note of some of the basic problems the illiterate face everyday.

Now think about how reading may change in the future:
Watch this video and see what you think. Can you magine yourself reading in this way?

What about the history of reading? Look at the events below and put them into chronological order:

a Literacy rates grew and grew
b Printing was done by hand using woodblocks
c Thousands of books were produced
d Animal skins were used for writing
e The ebook was invented
f The machine called ‘the printing press’ was invented
g People wrote on material called ‘papyrus’
h People used clay tablets to write on
i Paper was invented

Now read the text to see if you were right

Here are some more links for those of you interested in this topic. You can add your ideas to the discussion thread for this page:

Ereaders: (video) (video)

The development of reading:

Paper versus ebooks:
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