Writing descriptions

Look at the work on the file below:

Here is a new improved version written by the students in the C1 class at Verona University 2009-2010

Using Tag Galaxy

Watch this Voicethread to see how to use Tag Galaxy. Comment on the video if you would like to. You simply need to join the site to do this:


The image at the beginning of the video you just saw comes from Tag Galaxy. Follow this link to find pictures
classified according to different "tag" words such as "advertising"
Tag galaxy

In class we read an article called "Commercial Breakdown" about the famous ad from the 80s with Nick Kamen advertising Levis 501s. One thing that was interesting about this was that it was created by a woman who used man as the focus.Use the discussion space (above) for this page to write down the idas you found interesting when ou read this article.

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