Dealing with Unknown Vocabulary

One of the thiings that really blocks comprehension when reading is unknown vocabulary and how we deal with it? Do this quiz to find out how well you deal with unknown lexis:

Now look back at a text you have read recently. Find three or four items that you did not know and see how the co text helps you to understand the meaning.

Marketing vs. Communication

Marketing is the business of communicating something about your product or service to persuade your target customers to buy it. Look at this image (by Glenn Alessi):
What does it tell you about this university website?
How about your university website? Does it market the university well?

Modality of Probability

Which of these is correct?

1) He can be an interesting person when he wants too but it doesn't happen often!
2) He can have charisma and charm. In fact some people are attracted to him.

(The first is correct because it means "This is possible" or "This can happen". )

Now look at this worksheet:

Now go to C1 Week Seven at the bottom of the page to practise modals of probability

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