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Learning to cook

We started looking at the Language in Use part of the exam last lesson. Can you remember:

a) what it consists of?
b) which type of exam task we practised?
(Check in your notes and photocopies to refresh your memory)

What do you remember about Jamie Oliver?

Here are the different stages for one of his recipes: Match the beginnings to the endings and then put them in the order you think is most appropriate:
(You can check whether you are right or not when we watch the DVD.)

Here are the verb patterns we looked at in lesson three:

Grammar Recipe

Here we have a recipe for dealing with tenses:

1) Decide which tense and verb form you need
2) Mix in the appropriate aspect and voice
3) Serve it up as a tasty communication dish.

Tenses and form are improtant when using verbs, but so are the aspects (simple, continuous, perfect) and the voice (passive or active) Next lesson we are going to concentrate on aspect, in the meantime if you have problems with tesnses this is an area you should review.

Phrasal Verb of the week
Week two
This week's phrasal verb is "check". You should follow the link to the phrasal verbs site and look at how you can use this verb, and then write one gap filler sentence on the discussion page above to "test" your classmates.

The gap should be the preposition like this:
It was very early when I checked _ of the hotel and there was nobody at the reception desk.
We will look at these in class together.

Week Three
The verb for week three is "let" Add your sentences to the same discussion as before.

Week Four
Our new phrasal verb for this week is "put".

Here is a document with the answers to the phrasal verbs you have posted and another exam practice activity for you to do:

Transformation Sentences

Transformation sentences test grammar and lexis. You have to change one sentence into another one using the word given:

State or Action?