January Test: Example One

For those who are interested this is a copy of the test we have just done this January. Watch the video and then look at the paper. Then you can look at the model answer below:

Test Paper

Model Answer


This is an activity to work on some of the language issues I noticed when marking these tests. Look at the maze below and at each point decide whether or not you think the sentence is correct or incorrect.
1. If you think it is incorrect, correct it. (We will be looking at these together in the second term.
2. Make a note of the order you go through number points in to check at the end.

You can get out of the maze by going through all the language points (There are 14 all together) If you come out before you have looked at all of them you have gone wrong somewhere, so go back and try again.
Good luck!

Answers and notes on the Maze

January Test Example Two

In this test we watched two short videos on multitasking, which I will add below. You can then see the question paper and my sample answer. (Look at the questions paper first and try to write your own answer before you look at mine!

Video One


Video Two

Question Paper:

Sample model answer: