Module Seven: More academic language features:


Activity One: Hedging or Boosting

Using lexis to shape your argument. (This work was taken from New Inside Out Advanced Macmillan p24/5)

When we write or speak we often need to hedge our ideas or boost opinions if we feel strongly about something. Look at this document to see a few ideas about this:

Activity Two: Plagiarism

Intellectual Property

We discussed the topic of intellectual property and copyright and here are the main ideas from our discussions:

Module Eight: Academic Presentations and Preparing graphs

Project Four: Prepare an academic presentation (5 minutes long)

1) Choose an interesting article or extract from a book that you have been studying;
2) Summarise the main points for yourself;
3) Choose three ideas that you find to be of particular interest;
4) Prepare a 5 minute presentation of your ideas. ( Follow this link to review the work from Term 1 on this: Use Powerpoint or Prezi to do this)

Extra Work

Breaking Collocations:

We looked at how powerful fixed collocation can be (which is why you communicate more effectively when you use them) and experimented with "breaking these" conventional fixed collocations for an even stronger effect. Look at the document below:

Here's a crossword to see if you can remember our collocations:

Example Powerpoint Presentation (See the blog for more examples from last year)