C2 3 Page Three

C2 Page Three

Module Four: writing in English

The Space Race

1) We read an article about hotels and holidays in space. here is the worksheet and our ideas for you to look at. Do this activity BEFORE you read the article which is on p.72.

2) We also look at words, their meanings and forms: here were some words connected to travel that were causing problems:

There is a test on B1 Week Five to practise the usage of these and other similar words.

3) We look at neutral, formal or informal texts in class, and, in particular the use of the passive both in spoken and written English. Look at the document below:


Both when reading and writing it is important to be able to recognise or express the main topic of your text clearly. Look at the document below and answer the questions looking back at the article on Hotles in Space to help you.

Using Text-referring words:

Now do this short quiz to see if you recognise the meanings of some very common text referring nouns:

Look at this document to practise using the type of reference nouns we looked at in class. Complete the sentences in your own words, noticing as you do this, how the text reference words work:

5 common problems and "false friends"

Can you answer these questions? (Use a good monolingual dictionary to help you)
1) What does "fact" mean in English and how is this different from Italian?
2) Why do people often confuse appearance with aspect? Which should you use when describing the way a person looks physically?
3) How can you use the word "argument" in English? Is it as common as it is in Italian?
4) What is your "attitude" and how does this differ from "aptitude"?
5) Do you "resolve" or "solve" problems in English and what does "resolve" actually mean?