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Giving Oral Presentations

Part of your exam is to give an oral presentation of your ideas. At the end of the course you will be able to use the work you do for your written exam to prepare a presentation of the same ideas in academic English.
To practise for this we will be doing "Mini presentations" in the first term. These are five minute (NO LONGER) presentations of a general article, book, video or podcast that you are interested in that you would like to do a short talk on. You will be talking to a small group of 3 or 4 other students who will then be talking to you too. You need to be able to express your ideas clearly and also be able to discuss the questions that people ask you and take part in the discussion of other people's ideas (by asking questions).

Watch this presentation to get some ideas about how to prepare for your talk (simply click on the prezi and then navigate through it by clicking on the arrows below the screen. You can also focus on details and "zoom in and out" by clicking on specific points on the screen):

If you want to use a presentation like this, or with Powerpoint, or simply with pictures etc. You can do and you can bring your own laptop, which generally makes people feel more comfortable.)

Here is a presentation for 2012, showing you the advantages of working with Prezi:


Despite the problems we have seen Powerpoint is an extremely effective tool. Here is one presentation and the worksheet to go with it:



Interesting Language Work on Presentations in Business

Go to the link below for some extremely valuable language work aimed at helping those who need to give presentations in the world of work.



Here is a lighthearted criticism of Powerpoint Presentations (See Home Advanced Page Five. )
Here are some of the common pitfalls we noticed:

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