Extensive Reading

If you would like to read a well written ghost story and answer a question on this in your written exam you can choose this text:
The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse
Follow this link to see some pages and to decide if you want to read it or not (Remember that this is optional work)

You can buy this book from amazon.it and it will probably arrive more quickly.

When you have read the book look at the discussion page above and use the questions to explore your (and other students' ideas about the text.) You will have the chance to write about the book in the final exam writing about:
the characters,
the story
the themes

The Winter Ghosts: discussion questions

Use these questions to start thinking about the book and exploring your ideas. You can write about them on the discussion thread too and see if you agree with the things other people say:

A Fun Activity

You might like to do this activity (just for fun). Follow this link to a "fake Facebook" page which you can "create for one of your favourite characters in this (or another) novel. Then save the link and post it in the discussion for others to admire. Have fun :-)

Numbers in English
Look at this document to see some points about using big numbers in English:

A Day at the Seaside

In class we talked about the beach and a day at the seaside (p. 68/69) and we also wrote some lovely poems. You can admire our creative work in the document below:

Tell or Say Verb Patterns:

Modal verbs in the past

Writing a description of a place

Look at this document to practise this type of writing and to see what we did in class:

Here are the descriptions you wrote with my comments:

Writing a description of a person

The oral exams:

Some dates for you to remember:

14th/18th/19th April: Sharon Hartle is away at the Iatefl Conference in Brighton (so there is no lesson)
If you want to see some of the presentations follow this link:

End of Course Test Results

Here are the results of the final written test, which we did on Tuesday 10th May. Remember that this mark is valid as a substitute for the written part of the exam only if you pass the computer tests as well. The standard was generally high which was good to see ;-).

Don't forget to leave your feedback on the course, if you haven't already done so and then follow this link