C1 2nd Term Page Three

Phrasal verbs
We looked a lot at phrasal verbs this week, and remember that they are just like other lexical items so the best way to learn new ones is to "notice" them when you are reading, watching TV etc. However if you go to the CAE Page 2 you can see a link to a useful site for phrasal verbs which is part of Cambridge Dictionaries. You can also see some work that this group did on the "discussions" section of that page, with a document that gives you more exercises below the link on the page.

Here is a review exercise for you to practise some of the verbs:


We have also been doing a lot od work on storytelling and narrative skills and if you would like to write a story called "A Lucky Lottery Ticket" you can post it in the discussion space above.

Linking Ideas

Some people would like to do some more work on link words: here are two more activities for you.

Verb Patterns 2

In class we talked about marriage and looked at Chris and Shirley on p. 52, a rather depressing example. Here is a document about stop and the two verb patterns that can follow it:

Your lottery stories with my comments:

Be careul when you write. use a good monolingual dictionary to help you. Look at these points to see how this could be useful: