2009-2010 Documents of Interest

This is a page where I intend to post documents that I cannot post on the elearning platform such as video links and Powerpoint Presentations etc.
You can download them onto your own computers


Use this presentation to revise some ways of giving advice in English and some things that sometimes cause problems for Italian speakers:


In this C1 course we were discussing communication of different kinds and what it means to be a good communicator. If you want to find out more go to the e-learning platform (c1 2009-2010 Primo Semestre) and take part in the forum.

Why do teens use Facebook?

We started looking at the environment and the places we live in. Would you like to have a home like this one?

Writing Skills

Look at the way this ingenious little text has been organised to see how powerful text organisation can be:

Of course when you write your ideas you need to organise your ideas logically as well. Look at these two activities to
practise link words: