University Work

This week we did some more work on verb patterns which have been causing problems. See the document below to see the activity we did:

We also read a text called "Gold Fever"

Do the exercise on this document first then read the article on page 24


General Work

Miss Potter

We started watching the film "Miss Potter" last week and we continued this week.

If you missed this part of the course, watch the second part of the film until Beatrix tells the guests the first part of her new story, at the Christmas party. Then look at the document below and decide who said the sentences and in what situation.
Then look at the discussion and decide what you think are the most important themes in the film. These are in this document:

We reached the point where Norman asks Beatrix to marry him. Consider now what you think Beatrix will decide and how others will react before you watch the next part. Then watch to see if you were right. Stop when you reach the scene at the station as Beatrix is leaving for the Lake District and do these exercises: