University Work


Last week and the week before you started doing written work (See discussion and documents with my comments on C1 Week Six Many of you are working well on collocation and experimenting with new languages, thinking about verb patterns etc. but an area that could be practised and that would help everyone when they write is connectors. Look at the documents below to help you:

Here is a document with some of the link words we looked at in class:

Sophisticated Adjective Use

We also worked on "adjective patterns this week. Look at the work in the document below:

General Work

This week we practised grammar with some of the modal verb structures we looked at last week, and some of the new phrasal verbs we have encountered. Here is the test if you want to do it at home:


Choose the modal form in these sentences that most closely reflects your own personal opinion:

1. Aliens may/might/ can't have landed on Earth.
2. There must/might/can't be life elsewhere in the universe.
3. The Nazca lines must/might/can't have been drawn by aliens.
4. Aliens must/can't/might/ be abducting human beings on a regular basis.
Which of the above sentences refers to:
something general
something happening in this period of time
something that happened or might have happened in the past

How does the structure change?
When we talk about general probability we use a modal auxiliary + infinitive
When we talk about something happening in this period we use a modal auxiliary + be + -ing
When we talk about the past we use a modal auxiliary + have + past participle
Use your versions of the above statements 1-4 to express your ideas about how probable these mysteries are. You might also like to look at the discussion for this week.