University work

We started looking at the different stages in life this week and we identified these different points along the "line of life"

a baby infancy
a child childhood
a teenager adolescence
an adult adulthood
a mature adult middle age
a pensioner old age
an elderly person old age

What do you asociate with these stages in life? How do you think Shakespeare categorised the stages in life?

Look at the speech from "As You Like It" "All the world's a stage..." to find out.
Here is one link to this text:

Corrected work

Download these documents with my comments on them and see what you can correct. Even if this was not your text you can learn from the comments etc.

Verb Patterns

We started work on verb patterns in your books this week.
Here is a little quiz to practise some of this language:

Remember that this type of exercise helps you to recognise the patterns but then you have to "make them your own"! This means using the language for yourself in contexts that are relevant to you:
For example:
Write some examples that are true for you.
Use them to write questions and then interview a friend.
Look at this document to help you:

Here are some of the language points that came up in class:

General Work

We continued the theme of feelings this week and then went on to talk about thrill seeking as well as dealing with unknown vocabulary when reading. If you do the vocabulary exercise supplied with the article "Why do we risk it?" you can then do the activity below to practise using the new words you have learned:

A little Grammar Question: "used to"

Verb form (discontinued past habits and states)
What is the structure of this form when it is a verb used to describe past habits or states?

(used to + infinitive)
I used to sleep a lot more, before I started university.
I used to play with my brother's toys when I was a child.
When you were a child did you use to have a teddy bear?
I didn't use to watch cartoons when I was a child.

Adjective form: To be used to something (adjective so can refer to any time. The verb changes not the "used to" form)

I'm used to luxury in life.
Students are used to moving from one classroom to another.
I'm getting used to using three languages in one meeting.

Week Seven