Week Five


University Work

This week we are working on listening skills in particular and revising indirect speech forms. To begin with, however, there is a little test to review some of the "tricky" language that has come up in the first part of term.

We didn't have time to do the useful work on formal and informal language in class but you can do it at home (p.13 in your student's book) If you want to practise writing a letter like this you can send it to me :-)

Talking about Sports

We talked in class about sports and the verbs we use to describe them (see Week Seven) on the blog.
We also thought about what attracts people to extreme sports.
Watch these two videos:
The first one is an advert: what is it "selling" and who is it designed for? What do you think is the target audience?

The second one is a TED talk, given by the endurance runner Ray Zahab:
What did he do and what was remarkable about it? Watch the video to find out. (When you watch a longer video like this take notes as you go. Don't try to write everything but write key ideas)

Extra Passives Practice

Use these passive forms to interview a friend:

What's the best thing you've ever been invited to?
Do you know anyone who's been elected to an important position?
Have you ever been robbed?
When was the first time you were taken somewhere on holiday?
Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?
Where were your shoes made?
Do you like being photographed?
Have you ever been punished for something you didn't do?
When was the last time you were kept waiting?
Have any of your valued possessions ever got broken?
What's the most exciting thing you've ever been involved in?
Can you think of a situation when you got left behind?
Do you mind being corrected when you speak English?
How do you react when you get asked questions you don't want to answer?

(Taken from onestopenglish.com)