Week Four
University Work
This week we continue our work on lexis. Remember that you can go to the Vocabulary Skills page for more work on this. We also start work on reading skills. This document has exercises to go with the text we read in class from your book.

General Work

Expressing Reservations and Doubts

In week four and five we looked at the LODCE Honey test t see the CAE level. You can find this exercise in the LDOCE dictionary CD Rom under Exercises, exam practice, CAE test 2
Then we practised using some of the useful frames we found there to express doubt. If you want to do this too, look at the exercises below:

We also spent a lot of time discussing laughter, and what makes us laugh. We looked at different texts and did this exercise. If you want you can do it too. Read the text right through and then fill in the gaps from the choices provided for you. It's a good idea to try and fill the gaps with words from your own mind before you look at the options given, so that you will not be so easily distracted by the incorrect options:

Like or As?
We had some confusion about this area last week so here´s a little exercise that I hope will help you. Look at it in advance and then we´ll discuss it in class.

Here are the answers:

Week Five/Six

Here is another exercise you might like to do connected to adjectives for feelings and the prepositions that go with them.

Week Six continued