Week Two

We continued to work on the glog this week (seeC1 Week One) and we also revised tenses.
(See Inside Out Intermediate Unit One for this work).

Language Revision

Something that has been causing some problems is the use of "As and Like": so look at these documents to revise this.

ere are some more example errors that we discussed in class:

Why can't I pass the written test?

Not being able to pass an exam is always frustrating and makes you feel helpless but you are not. You need to think about
a) what your problem areas are;
b) what is expected of you;
c) how you can organise your learning systematically.
Here is a document with some areas that are often problematic for students when they do the written test:

Sometimes it helps to see these problems in Italian. Look at this document to get an idea:
How would you assess these answers? What marks would you give them?
external image msword.png C1 Sample answers translated loosely into Italian.doc