Lesson One

Last week we did some more work on linking ideas. try these two activities to see how much you remember:
The first activity is a crossword, and sometimes the answers consist of more than one word but the programme does not allow for spaces.

A Lingua Franca for a tropical Babel

Look at the model answers for the practice test we did last week and do the exercise. This is based on the LAT test set in June 2005:

Here are some points that we looked at after this exam simulation.

Practise Summarising paragraphs

Most of the texts used in the LAT exam come from the Economist so you can practise by going to the site and reading articles. (You can also practise with old tests if you go to the Language Centre)
here is some advice and suggestions as to how you could approach this exercise:

Lesson Two

Sense Impressions. We can describe the way a picture looks by using expressions like these:

We also looked at countable/uncountable nouns and expressions. Do this exercise to practise:

Exam Simulation: Nap your way to longer life

LAT Exam April 2007

Look at the model answers below: