Bolzano Intensive Summer Course Page Five

Lesson Three

This morning we looked at different ways of comparing adjectives. For the basic rules see the document below:

Remember that we can also use other expressions to modify these, when we talk about big or small differences. Think about:
much(write), a lot (speak), a bit(speak), slightly(write), much much + comparative adjectivenot as + adjective + as
just as + adjective + as
Remember that you can also use "less+ comparative adjective"
You can also use:
by far + superlative to show a big difference.Here is a general knowledge quiz to practise this. You can do it as a team game.

Dictionary Skills:

Lesson Four

A lot of things have changed over the years in Bolzano. What is defferent now from the past? Consider these things:
free time

This presentation asks you to look at a document: here it is:

Lesson Five

Listen to the Cat Stevens Song Father and Son at this link
Here is the final composition based on the song with our link words added to it:

Another weekend is approaching. If you would like to do something fun this weekend to revise your English from this week and to help everyone else, why don't you make an online crossword at this link and put the link here (If you add content to a page, remember to save it.
Here is one example I just made :-)

Patrik's crossword: i have tried to create one but it has not been very succesful,.....