Week Two


Lesson One

We began with a little revision of some vocabulary from last week. Can you remember any more useful expressions and collocations?

This morning we looked at how to use large numbers in English and also two unusual question forms. Look at the document below for notes:

Here are some of the tips we wrote after the test simulation we did last week:

Reading skills

One of the main problems when you are reading is how to deal with the words and expressions you don't understand. Do this quiz to see how successful a reader you are:

In class we looked at the usage of some "unusual words" in the context of on article on why people take risks in our world. Now do this little exercise to see if you remember how to use them.

Week Two Project:
The oral exam: Go back to the first page of the Bolzano Intensive Summer Course and look at the information on the oral exam, then go to the Images page. Then you can add your two pictures and question to a site I have prepared called Wallwisheror give them to me to put on the images page of this wiki. This means that we can all access them and use them to practise with. You should put your pictures up on the site
before Friday this week
. Have fun!

Lesson Two

We began this morning by talking about ways of describing pictures, which you need to do in the oral exam and then we discussed "storytelling" in everday life and the past tenses we use to do this. Look at the document below for some ideas:

Why do we risk it?

We summarised the main ideas in the text we read yesterday:

Expressing your ideas in written English

How do you express your ideas? Do you use descriptions, explanations or anecdotes and examples?

Downlaod this document to see how you can develop a question in different ways:

Now use these techniques to do the exercise below:

Writing Practice Exercise:
"Some people say that life is too "safe" these days and we need an escape. Write your opinions about this giving reasons and examples.

Here are some of the problems students had when doing this writing exercise with comments: