Lesson Three


Today we looked at some common errors from yesterday and corrected them. See the document below:

Talking about the Past
Then we started to look at tenses and adverbial expressions to use when talking about the past (particularly the simple past and the present perfect). Look at this document:

Lesson Four

Writing Practice

Structuring your ideas
When you write you need to organise or structure your ideas to make things clear for your reader. Look at our ideas on how to do this in the document below:

Exam Simulation One

We did this first simulation today without a monolingual dictionary. In the real test you may use an English/English dictionary. (For more general information on dictionaries go to this page and look at the section "Dictionaries" )
Look at the answer sheet below to see how it would be evaluated. (The answer to Part B is only a suggested answer)

Lesson Five

This morning we looked at how to use linkwords of contrast and then used them to write a discussion essay:
"Celebrity scandals in the press: should they be banned?" Write your opinion giving reasons for and against this statement. (Minimum 10 lines, maximum 15 lines)
Look at this document to help you with the link words:


During the weekend it's nice to relax with your ipod or mp3 player. Why don't you use this time to do a bit of stress free English. There are a lot of good sites where you can download podcasts from to do this. See the BBC World Service, for example. This link will take you to the "podcast" page. You can then go World Service. Look at 6 Minute English, for example.
You can also use the BBC learning English section for "lessons from the news".
Jing also suggested these 2 sites with podcasts with texts to read as you listen, and short, fun videos at the English café (She said she listens to podcasts when she is on her bike :-))
This link is to a site with useful podcasts for Economics students. There are also interesting podcasts from The Economist site.

If you want to use online worksheets and lessons from the news you can also go to The Guardian learning English section. There are articles to read and excercises to do.