Bolzano Summer Intensive Course 2 Page 2

Lesson One

In this lesson we did a placement test and in the document below you can see some of the feedback on the questions:

We also did an activity for everyone to get to know each other and to revise question forms (grammar and pronunciation)
Here are the questions. You can use them to practise speaking about yourself with another student:

Lesson Two

We started to work on the theme of communication today, looking at different verbs of communicating:
to text someone
to phone someone
to message someone
to chat with someone
to write to someone
to skype someone

to get in touch with someone
to be
to keep

It's important to remember the words that "go together". In this way you can remember expressions and not just single words.

Adverbs and Adverb phrases

We looked in more detail about the rules of adverb/ adverb phrase positions when describing people's habits. Look at this document:

Exam Practice One

Writing summary sentences.
We looked at how to skim an article to get the main points before then summarizing the main points of each paragraph. Look at the document below:

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