Week Five


This week we also work on listening skills and types of listening: global comprehension and comprehension of specific information. We have already started to think about how important it is at advanced levels to "notice" aspects of language
This week our theme is travel so look at these documents (if possible before class) The first one is related to your personal experieneces of travel and the second is connected to the different between travel and tourism:

Exam Practice:

This cloze test (filling in the gaps) reviews some of the language we have been looking at so far this term:

Week Six

Can you use phrasal verbs?

1) Use this activity to see if you know how to use phrasal verbs. It is not simply a matter of knowing what they mean:

2) Watch this video, pausing the frames to see if you can recognise some more common phrasal verbs:
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Now use the verbs to do these activities:

This is some work we did connected to school trips and what can go wrong on them. See page 22 in your books:

General Practice: Division of Labour in your home

This text is designed to show you how various lexical features work together in a text. See if you can identify:

1. the phrasal verbs
2. the strong collocation
3. the logical connectors
4. some other items
(Then you might like to write a similar text about your own experience)