This part of the course helps you to prepare for the written test and the oral test.
What is in the written test?
There are two parts to this test:

Part One: Translation sentences
This part of the test is to test how well you can use both grammar and vocabulary. At a B1 level this is grammar that you need to communicate at a basic everyday level. For example, you need to know past tenses to speak about what happened to you last week, or you need to know comparative adjective forms to make comparisons.
You also need to know common vocabulary. Again to communicate about things you are familiar with, for example, vocabulary connected to daily activities, or to travel and holidays.

Translation Practice Activities

This work is based on translation and written work. First of all you should go to the link to my original wiki and look at the work there. You can also look at the useful material on the "Parry B1" site (university elearning site) if you want to practise translating structure by structure. (Translating the present tenses, for instance) Ask her for the enrolment password for this course.)
Finally you can find links to practice tests available online that you can do.

Part Two: Guided writing
In this part of the test you have to write an email. This may include:

describing something or someone;
asking for information;
complaining about something;
giving instructions;
giving advice;
giving your opinions;
telling a story or anecdote;
explaining your ideas.

The language in this type of writing is informal and you should think of a "real" person to write to. This will make your writing more natural. here are some exercises to practise this:


We can use the discussion space (above on the right) to practise writing emails.
Look at the "Exam Practice" post. Before you start look at this email and correct the punctuation. This will help you to do the task. In the exam you should write from 100 - 150 words.

Ex CLA Forum

external image 000203F6.gif
There is also an older exam question that you can use for practice, which was originally on the CLA Forum, but was lost when that forum was hacked into at the beginning of November 2010. Here is a document with:
- a framework to help you practise
- a sample answer that I have written
- some of the answers students wrote on the forum in the past (that I have managed to rescue) with my comments on them to give you an idea of the sort of language required:

More Examples of Marked Work

If you have written an email in the discussions and it appears here, you can download it or print it out and make the corrections you need to, using a good dictionary to help you. Then if you need help ask in class or come to my ricevimento.

B1 Medicina 2013

Here are some more examples of emails written after work done on "strange" statistics in class. The task was to write an email to a friend telling him or her in a natural way about one statistic that interested you in particular:

Another Exam Practice Site

If you want to do more general exam practice go to this site:

The B1 Oral Exam

Look at this document for more information about the oral exam and practice activities:

Exam Simulation Work January 2011

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