Wishing for the Impossible


1. Using an online dictionary

Look at this dictionaryto see the associations with the word "beautiful", in English.
What do you associate with the word "ugly"? Think about it for a minute, brainstorm your ideas and then look it up in the dictioary too.



Modality of Oligation

a) Look at this activity to review the use of modal verbs of obligation and necessity:

b) Now do this test to check your understanding


Modals of Probability

1. We often speculate about things when we're not 100% sure about something. I might look at a picture and not know what it is but say:
Think about the percentage of probability you associate with each one. (99% sure etc.)
It might be....
Perhaps it's....
It could be...
It may be
It's probably
It must be
It can't be
2. Use these forms to decide what you see appearing in the following "doodle"

If you want to do your own doodle on sketchcast, go to the site and then post the link in the discussion above. Click on the right hand tab. Remember, if you use audio, to speak in English.