Academic English General Test

This is a test to see how well you can use English in study contexts, where you will be required to read, listen, speak and write about academic subjects.

Part One: Reading and Writing

Read this text and then write your summary of the main ideas with your personal opinions in the discussion thread (click above on the right)

Richard Etlin (1996) Space, Stone, and Spirit:the meaning of place
Taken from accessed on 20th June 2014.

Part Two: Listening and Speaking

Now watch this video which is a short interview with Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who did ground-breaking research into what happiness is:

1) Summarise the main ideas and decide what is relevant to your own field of studies.
2) Then go back to what you wrote about in Section One.
3) Prepare a few notes about your own conclusions to discuss with the tutor.